White Panda share killer mash-up

Tropical vibes and infectious beats make for the mash-up of the year.

Mix masters White Panda have shared their latest mash-up, Bright Young God, taken from their new (free to download) album The Pawprint. The track mashes up the sounds of Halsey, Syn Cole and Sam Feldt.

The track delivers some perfect vibes that are going to be in high demand as we get closer to summer and there’s an increased demand for bangers. Bright Young God’s infectious beats and tropical feel make it the perfect contender for mash-up of the summer – which is a admirable accolade that we never even knew we needed until we heard this track.

There are mash-ups you can afford to miss, and ones which are worth a couple of listens. Bright Young God is one that deserves listening to for the remainder of the year, because 2016 is unlikely to offer much of a better track to get you set for a night out.

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