Download BLISSS’ killer debut single

A free electrogroove download you will never regret.

New electro-leaning outfit BLISSS have just released their first single, the electrogroove glory that is Badcat. The track is available for free download from BLISSS’ soundcloud page.

There are few words that can accurately capture the brilliance of the track. Layers upon layers of electronically synthesised grooves create a textured sound which is utterly flawless, while a funky vocal completes the package of pure electrogroove bliss. The band have dubbed the sound electrogroove, which is as good a term as any to summarise it – to call something with such a solid rhythm section and tightness electropop would never do it justice.

BLISSS need – and demand – to be on the radar of every self-respecting music lover. It feels almost criminal to be able to get music this good for free, but it would be even more criminal to not seize the opportunity.


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