Listen: Take a sonic journey with Notaker

Get ready for the most chilled out EDM of 2017.


Making EDM more chill has been a trend over the past year or so. After so long of EDM being high intensity, middle-of-the-night music, there’s been a strong push to deliver some more relaxed and spacious end-of-night sounds. None do this better than Notaker, whose latest single Shimmer is the new pinnacle.

Shimmer can be described in no better way than chillstep, as it elegantly takes the essence and finer points of EDM and dubstep and washes it in relaxing synthwork. Instead of focussing solely on energy and intensity, Notaker puts a stronger emphasis on melody to make this more than just another forgettable dance song. It’s a song of substance and nuance, with a calculated structure and euphoric lifts that keep listeners engaged but not overstimulated.

Get set for almost five minutes of blissful electronic glory.

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