Listen: Lucian’s next level electronics

Lucian and Beth Duck go digital and innocent on new single.


Imagine taking the theme to Rugrats and bringing it to the electronic music arena. Chances are, you’re thinking of something a little bit similar to Lucian‘s latest single, the mindlessly fun Sick Of Love.

In fact, Sick of Love takes the essence of electronic music and amplifies it. From vocal samples to industrial rhythms and synth blasts, Lucian calls on every type of electronic element to make for a song that – other than the main vocal itself – feels almost entirely detached from traditional musical stylings. Yet it avoids feeling like a trip inside a computer’s dream because it evokes a very humanistic feeling: childlike innocence.

Just as love makes many of us feel like we’ve become emotionally immature again, Sick of Love uses Beth Duck‘s innocent voice to capture the essence of childish wonder and immaturity. This is where the electronic Rugrats-esque feel becomes critical, avoiding an otherwise uncomfortable union of human wonder and electronic neutrality. Lucian stays safe and the outcome is just under three minutes of engulfing electronic enjoyment.

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