Premiere: Sad Vegan looks back on one night stand

Sad Vegan drops powerhouse pop-punk new single New Years, No Fears.


It’s become something of a cliché to leave regrets and bad habits behind every time the new year rolls around. However, for Sad Vegan, that is a reality. As latest single New Years, No Fears shows, sexual deviancy is a thing of the past for the outfit.

The track is an intense, two-minute burst of pop-punk fun. Coming in as a mix of The Subways and We Are The In Crowd, the songs fills a lot of space in a short amount of time with instruments that ooze restrained aggression. Blistering guitars punctuate a frantic and constant drum section, which initially flirts with the idea of descending into a manic grunge-esque track before it is restrained and covered in a radio-friendly pop aesthetic. It’s the typical pop-punk sound that is a throwback to the genres heyday – which is really what the world needs every once in a while. Sad Vegan hasn’t gone into this stressing over creating something innovative, seemingly preferring to make something accessible, digestible and enjoyable instead.

Through the fun sounds and singalong lyricism, the story itself is a bit seedier. In fact, the entire song is based off of the idea of sharing a sexual encounter with a friends-with-benefits/one night stand person, before ultimately leaving them to find someone else who is more consistent. Not your typical radio-friendly approach to a song, but it’s one that works well. It avoids the minefield of misogyny by creating a dual narrative, voicing the views of both the male and female in the encounter.

New Years, No Fears is basically about hooking up with someone one last time before deciding that it’s time to settle down and show commitment to someone else and the regret that comes along with doing that,” explains guitarist and vocalist Bailey Blanton. “That incident also happened to take place on New Years Day so the name seemed fitting. My favorite thing about the song is that it switches from the male perspective of the situation to the female’s.

The single appears on the outfit’s upcoming EP Another Life, Another Day, which will be available March 3 via

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