Listen: Tender heartbreaks and vulnerable splits

Henry Green delivers an emotional and heartbreaking plea for love.


There is something undeniably and morbidly satisfying about listening to the sound of utter despair and heartbreak. It’s for this reason that the fragile sounds of Henry Green‘s latest single Loose is so mesmerising and brilliant, as it is arguably the most vulnerable indie-pop song of the year.

Interestingly, Green uses this emotional openness as an opportunity to demonstrate that a song doesn’t have to be hard-hitting to leave listeners knocked back. Loose packs almost no discernible musical kick itself – the lead melody is minimalistic and gentle, the rhythm section is little more than a shaker for the most part and the voice is melodic but doesn’t dominate the mix. Yet after a single listen, it’s almost impossible to feel like your emotions haven’t just collided with a ten-tonne truck.

What Green understands very well is the emotional investment that tender songs can have. Even better, he knows how to use the tenderness of fragility to break the listener emotionally. It’s musically delectable and emotionally draining, but it is utterly brilliant.

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