Golden new track from The Assist

It’s probably more marigold actually, but it’s still an indie-rock beast.


The Assist cannot be stopped. For the past three years, the band has seemingly just gone from strength to strength with every release. 2013’s Speak It Aloud EP set the standard, which was exceeded massively by the more recent Love EP. And now, after a good few months, the band is back at it with brand new single (and music video) Tell Her How You Feel.

For as bold as the band has been so far this year, the latest single feels like The Assist is playing it safe. Or, rather, the band wants to show that it hasn’t completely lost touch with the sound that helped to establish it. As such, the britpop vibe and post-Arctic Monkeys guitars are put front and centre while the funky elements that were so prominent in Love are relegated to the backseat. It’s an admirable attempt to keep everything involved in the ongoing story of The Assist, which is progressing at such a rapid speed that it’s easy to get left behind.

The video was also shot by CSD Videography, making this a strange marriage of two persons we have worked closely with before. Read our (years old) interview with The Assist here, and our chat with Callum-Scott Dyson (CSD Videography) about music videos here.

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