Like Lana Del Rey on ecstasy

New single from Zella Day is filled with sixties psychedelia and Del Rey deliveries.


The last we heard from Zella Day, she was dropping the psychedelic-folk gem that is Man On The Moon. However, a month later, she has just released the track that serves as the second A side to Man On The Moon. Yet Hunnie Pie couldn’t be further removed from its other half.

If MOTM was a psychedelia-charged rush of energy, Hunnie Pie is the necessary rest afterwards. Characterised by gentle plucked melodies and a vocal enveloped in a chorus effect, the single sees Zella playing to a more mellow tune than before. That is not to say that this song is a dull or monotonous trundle though, as Zella embraces the spirit of sixties psychedelia and ensures that there is some form of modulation on every sound. This winds up with her effortlessly cool, emotionally-heavy vocal making everything feel a bit like Lana Del Rey on an ecstasy trip.

Instead of the rush and push of momentum that her previous single offered, this sets out to be a larger-than-life track instead. Over the course of little under four minutes, the song develops from a single instrumentation to a grandiose affair with string sections and orchestral flourishes that is more memorable that almost anything Zella has offered before. Since Zella’s next release will likely be her new album in 2017, Hunnie Pie serves as the perfect close to 2016.

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