Indie-pop to fill the void

Latest single from Kauf is delectable indie-pop that pacifies until the album drops.


Talented musicians are frustrating. Every single time they drop a single it’s like a knife being buried into a nerve center, causing a painful reaction when you realise that you’ve probably got a long wait until the next gem drops.

Kauf is one of those artists. A couple of months ago, we fell under the spell of the magical Key To Life. After what feels like an eternity, Kauf has returned with Pacify — an aptly named track that will open his imminent debut album, Regrowth, in 2017.

Worse than the wait until more material is this track. It’s brilliantly infectious, masters the musical build and seamlessly continues the genre surgery that Key To Life demonstrated. It’s a song destined to appear on a lot of radio playlists in early Spring-time, with Kauf delivering some marvellous vocals that effortlessly channel both Foster The People and MGMT. While it could be debated that the single version spends a little bit too long on its ambient intro and isn’t quick enough to get into the whimsical synth-led main section, it is ideal in the context of an album or show opener.

So why is the track worse than the torturous wait? Because, just like catching a glimpse of a love interest after weeks of avoiding them for the sake of your feelings, it is heartbreaking to know that we have at least a month and a half to wait until the full album is released. Kauf is a musical monster toying with our emotions and, while he might give us infectious songs that will certainly pacify and fill the void until a full-length release, that is truly unforgivable.

What a horrible talent.

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