The Assist Interview

The Assist are a four-piece indie band from the West Midlands that have, recently, gathered a lot of attention and have begun to develop a strong local following. Following the success of their most recent track, ‘Control’, we couldn’t resist speaking to the lads to find out a bit about them and where they plan to go from here.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is The Assist…

Image courtesy of the band's Facebook page.

Could you give us a bit of back story about the band? How did it all begin?
“The idea came about from both vocalist, Mikey Stanton, and guitarist, Ryan Stanton; brothers of whom both had aspirations for people to listen to their music. It all suddenly escalated from bedroom jams to local gigs and serious studio practice. Drummer Ben Faulkner and bassist Jak baker joined the band April this year through a mutual friendship of love for great music.”

Where does the name ‘The Assist’ come from?
“With all the lads being football fans, we thought the name “The Assist” would go well with our aspirations to one day also appear on Soccer A.M.”

Who are your biggest influences?
“Our biggest influences are The Stone Roses, Arctic Monkeys and twisted Wheel. They all play a part in the music we make.”

As time goes on, your songs are developing more of a ‘get up and dance’ feel to them – is this something that you intentionally set out to do or something that just happened naturally?
“The unique aspect to our music and the ‘get up and dance’ label is something we believe people look for in unsigned bands. An enjoyable night out is always influenced by good music. We all know what a night out with dull music is like.”

What is the songwriting process like for you? Does one person tend to lead or is it much more of a collaborative effort?
“‘The bedroom jam’ is very apparent in the way we write our songs. The brothers of the band turn up to practice with a melody and vocals and it escalates from there. The track never comes together until the drums and bass are laid down. The song we write at home is virtually unrecognisable compared to the final tune. It really is a collaborative effort.”

What’s the highlight of your time as a band so far?
“The highlight so far has to be supporting Reverend and the Makers. We played at a golf day for the clothing brand Luke 1977 [and] we met loads of great people and gained a few celebrity fans!”

There’s been a lot of songs of yours posted on your Soundcloud. Is there any plans to release an EP or album any time soon?
“We’re currently planning an E.P release for sometime next year. Over the last year, we’ve felt it’s important to widen our fan base and focus more on gigging rather than releases.”

What’s next for the band?
“Next for the band is our massive headline gig at the O2 Academy 3 in Birmingham on the 15th November!”

You can check out the band live at Birmingham’s O2 Academy 3 on November 15, and can listen to their newest track ‘Control’ here (also check out our review here).

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