The best debut of 2016?

Secret Weapons pack a punch on debut EP.


It feels like a lifetime ago that we came across Secret Weapons with their breakout single Something New. Fortunately, the band have made sure that the wait was well and truly worth it. Almost a year after they broke onto the scene, the pop-rock duo have returned with their debut EP, Secret Weapons. Don’t let the self-titled nature of the EP discourage you – this is anything but run-of-the-mill.

From the moment the oddly Eye Of The Tiger guitar of Power chugs into existence, there’s little doubt that Secret Weapons are something special indeed. After all, the sound of rock-slanted guitars couldn’t be further removed from the poptastic explosion of joy that was Something New. Yet even in spite of this retro-rock intro, Power slips into pop melodies and a vocal oddly similar to Bruno Mars’. It’s an abrupt shift that still meshes perfectly, which summarises what is to come from the remainder of the EP.

Perfect World keeps the pop spirit but blurs it against Future Islands-esque synth soundscapes that permeate crystalline beauty, while the brilliantly titled Konichiwild gives off a Years & Years vibe. This is the hidden strength of Secret Weapons – they are able to maintain a distinct style and a strong pop element while nodding to other pop artists and influences. It’s not very often that you come across an EP that can so blantantly borrow from fellow artists yet still feel like something refreshingly new.

In the space of four tracks, Secret Weapons leave no listener unmoved or unconvinced of their brilliance. It begs the question of whether the duo will be able to live up to their own exceptional standards when the time comes for their first full-length release. Yet with a debut this strong, Secret Weapons certainly show that they have the power.

The full album is available to stream on Spotify. You can also listen to a remix of opening track Power below.

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