Secret Weapons – ‘Something New’

The best debut track of 2015?

Every once in a while an act comes along with a song that is just so infectiously enjoyable that you get a little lost for words and you almost want to just link to the track and let it speak for itself. ‘Something New’, the debut track from Brooklyn-based duo Secret Weapons, is one of those tracks.
It’s a powerful pop track staggering with an electronic edge and a strong sense of melody, carried by beefy bass-heavy rhythms. There’s even a few synth tones that are enfused with a tropical vibe, just for good measure. The outcome of this is undoubtedly the most fun track we’ve heard in a while.

It’s funny that the song is called ‘Something New’, with lyrics stating that the singer wants something new, because the song thrives on elements of the old. A steady mix of Years & Years, La Roux, Swiss Lips and Foster The People, Secret Weapons pack a lot of influences into three and a half minutes. This doesn’t ever feel recycled or cheap though, it’s all energised with new life and something that does genuinely feel new.

It might occasionally run the risk of including too much in a short space and sounding sonically cluttered, but when it sounds this fun there’s not much to worry about. The first single from Secret Weapons is possibly the greatest debut track of 2015.

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