The sound of Purple

Infectiously weird new video from Heirsound.


It’s becoming increasingly difficult to find artists that can be truly described as unique. Music tends to eat itself and regurgitate itself into younger mouths, which seldom stray too far from the nest. Thankfully, once in a while, there are exceptions to this rule. With their latest single Hoods Up, Heirsound certainly find themselves fitting into this category.

Sounding vaguely like a blur between Brand New and Haim but with an unprecedented twist, the newest single is a bitterly emotional and lumbering slice of melancholy that feels equal-parts disjointed and seamless. It is truly a remarkable feat to create something that defies both convention and comprehension. Then again, there’s not much that be really surprising about the artistic abilities of an outfit that is dropping an EP based on colours.

Oh yeah, in case the carefully-shot and rhythmically motivated video didn’t make it quite clear enough, Hoods Up is the purple track.

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