Trudy are back and bizarre

Trudy and The Romance return with bizarre new single.


Our favourite band of bizarrtists, who previously induced a killer drug trip from me with their last single, Trudy and The Romance, have returned with Wild – the other half of the AA single He Sings.

What begins with upbeat rhythms and a sing-/chant-/scream-a-long chorus deteriorates within thirty seconds to trippy, staccato-heavy stabs of indie guitars and doo wop drums. If there’s one thing we should expect of Trudy by now, it’s to expect absolutely nothing because the band will undoubtedly defy all expectation – and this single does not disappoint.

It’s a wild ride through rapidly shifting rhythmic earthquakes, accompanied by a vocal that sounds well-worn with age yet also intensely youthful and constantly on the edge of sheer terror. No matter how you try to dissect a song by Trudy and The Romance, nothing will ever do it as much justice as experiencing the oddity first hand.

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