The mutated libertines of the 50s

Trudy and The Romance receive our weirdest review yet.


Pete Doherty takes a line too many and wakes up in the 1950s. To cope with the culture shock, he indulges himself by creating lilting indie-pop tracks with a band of time period relevant session musicians. The line begins to wear off and the music begins to dissolve into something bizarre and different.

In a panic but addicted to his music, Doherty resumes playing – albeit at a mildly faster and borderline erratic tempo. The nerves begin to get to him and the guitar riffs slowly begin to sound less like an indie track and more like the strangely hypnotic sounds of a guitar melting. Panic levels increase and the vocal deliveries reflect this, becoming increasingly frantic.

Soon, it gets too much and Doherty collapses with a whimper. He suddenly awakens, having realised – rather typically – that it was all a narcotic-induced dream. Except it wasn’t. In reality, it was all hyperbole to express the bizarre glory that is Trudy and The Romance‘s latest single He Sings. Doherty weeps at this realisation and goes catatonic from the existential crisis. Fortunately for him, it is almost over and the singing can begin.

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