The Absolute Personification of Metal

Featuring guitar solos, manic drums and a pleasantly surprised teenage girl


From the get go, A New Wave of Violence certainly screams hardcore and punk and lives up to expectations of heavy-hitting guitar riffs and drum beats. Since Head Wound City are formulated of members from the bands The Locust, The Blood Brothers and Yeah Yeah Yeahs, no LP was ever going to be lacking in the guitar department.

Moving collectively through the LP, guitar riffs appear strong and confident, giving mastery to their usage. The album has obviously been a long time in the making, which is especially evident in the smooth transitions between the songs. Metaphorically, it works as some sort of jigsaw as each tracks seamlessly slots into the next to form a coherent picture of perfection. For example, the previously released Scraper embodies metal through its abrasive vocals and focal point guitar solos, something that complements Head Wound City, USA with its equally poignant and technically versatile guitar melodies.

However, these hard hitting beats are something to be contrasted with the closing track Love is Best. Rather than embracing the loud, hard rhythms of radical hardcore, it takes a softer approach and takes on a new spin on the genre. As a result, the album closes on a more subdued note, giving a sense of finality.

Coming from someone who is relatively unfamiliar with the metal genre as a whole, Head Wound City’s latest offering is a perfect introduction. Admittedly, I did approach the album with apprehension and fear, but after a listen (or a few), I found myself embracing A New Wave of Violence. In my opinion, any LP that has the ability to have me change my outlook on a genre or certain sound is one worth listening to. True talent overcomes caution and closed minds.

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