2016? More like 1986

80s-inspired indie pop, transporting you back to a better era


When being influenced by particular genres from the past, it is hard to sound fresh rather than an exact carbon copy. However, Stage Republic’s new single I Got Your Back manages to avoid this pitfall and sounds innovative despite the predominant 80s influence.

By being such a strong flash from the past, the single manages to be a breath of fresh air. Indeed, it offers up a plate of easy listening beats and constant hooks, allowing the ears to be engulfed by a positive melody of times gone by. Likewise, this use of beat combined with uplifting lyrics causes the song to take a motivational stance, something that would be perfect to ease you through even the most difficult Monday mornings.

For those of you who are fans of bands such as Stereophonics and Depeche Mode, I Got Your Back will fulfil your alternative rock desires. Despite originating from Amsterdam, Stage Republic radiate a post-Britpop vibe with their utilisation of guitar riffs and hooks from the past. Instead of being overtly manufactured, Stage Republic sound raw in their vocals, drawing convincing emotion in each and every word creating a sense of emotional depth and personal meaning. If you are looking for a song that parallels the popular music of today, this single is perfect.

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