Soundtrack to the summer drug trips

Mile Me Deaf return with glitchily psychedelic new single.


For those who haven’t yet come across Mile Me Deaf, you’re missing out on a treat. The band are the personification of the 60s psychedelic spirit – or, to put it another way, LSD in human form. In case their previous material hasn’t established this fact enough, their latest track Blowout certainly does.

While the band have always had that psychedelic vibe, this single sees them pushing the boat out even further into uncharted waters with glitch-pop influences. The first ten seconds of the track are heavily indebted to glitch-pop, with echoes of this glitchiness also appearing later in the track in the midst of crashing waves of psych-washed guitars. It’s a warbling wall of sound that actually manages to induce inebriation in listeners so effectively that there should be genuine concerns that Mile Me Deaf will be outlawed as a class A narcotic.

That’s all without mentioning the vocal, delivered in the band’s trademark careless semi-drawl to become the only consistent point of focus in the midst of shimmer synths that slip away in every direction. When everything comes together, it’s coma-inducingly blissful. Mile Me Deaf have done it again and tripped our balls off.

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