Fall in love with Sex

EDEN kills ‘woe is me’ convention on new single.


Fans of sincere, heart-wrenching pop, rejoice; Dublin-based singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist EDEN has finally returned – riding on the momentum of his debut EP’s surprise success last year – with Sex, the first track from his eagerly awaited follow-up I Think You Think Too Much of Me, due in August.

Backed by huge, pounding drums and ringing piano chords that recall Bastille at their most anthemic, the track – unequivocally a breakup song – flips from tender, serene balladry to angry buzzing synths and distorted vocals and back again within the space of minutes, reflecting the conflicting emotions and mental states that follow the disollusion of a relationship.

We were just having sex/no, I would never call it love”, EDEN sings candidly, in a manner suggesting that everyone involved knows that’s not entirely true. Sex truly reaches its soaring peak, though, during its expertly delivered “whoah” refrain, injecting a dose of pretty, cautious optimism into an otherwise blunt and scathing piece of songwriting.

It’s a refreshingly raw take on the otherwise done-to-death ‘woe is me’ break-up song convention, and it’ll be interesting to see what else EDEN has in store when the full length drops.

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