Frances ft. Pomo – ‘I Care’

Third time’s still a charm

Piano-led pop soulstress Frances
Without a doubt, Frances is one of the hottest acts of 2015. The piano-led pop soulstress kicked up a storm when she dropped ‘Grow’ and the Grow EP, and then built on that three months later with ‘Let It Out’. In case you didn’t spot the pattern emerging: Frances is striking while the iron is hot, and she is wasting no time in seizing the opportunity to advance her musical career.

The idea of seizing opportunity plays well into her newest single ‘I Care’, a collab with producer Pomo. The fundamental message under the track is summed up beautifully (as ever) on the chorus – “I don’t want to live regretting, / thinking I could have been more / because I care“. It’s not just a declaration of intent, it’s also a subtle jab at the people willing to settle for less than they want in life. Anybody who “doesn’t want to be more (or is biding time)”.

It’s a song thrown full of carpe diem, and delivered in the usual emotive and graceful way. But what’s really striking about this single is that, musically, it’s completely different to anything that she’s released as a stand alone track before. Those who listened to the Grow EP may draw¬†some similarities to ‘When It Comes To Us’, but it’s still uniquely different. For the third single in a row, Frances has skewered any perception of what her sound is or should be. Because for the third single in a row, she’s nailed the style.

It’s undeniable that this is a great feat of versatility. In a way, it’s building up to an endearing guessing game as to what her eagerly-anticipated ‘Let It Grow’ EP is going to sound like on a whole. But in another way, Frances’ style of playing musical chameleon on her first three singles puts her in a tricky position of ever truly expanding on her sound. By covering so much ground in the first year in the public ear, where does she have left to go to?

What we can ascertain so far is that Frances’ strong melody-focused brand of piano-led pop isn’t going to fade away any time soon. She has far too much versatility to become just another name in the genre. Her EP, which drops tomorrow (October 16 2015), will surely answer more about what the future holds for her.

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