Frances – ‘Grow’ Review

Magnificence that grows in front of, and on, you

artworks-000118016429-3b1poq-t500x500For fans of: Rae Morris

It’s always nice when a song’s title describes the movement of the song itself. Frances’ ‘Grow’ is a song that grows as it plays, and grows on you with each listen.

It’s a pretty stripped back song, consisting entirely of Frances’ strong vocals soaring over an accompanying piano. There’s occasionally the inclusion of a muted percussion, but for the majority of the track it’s simply piano and vocals (with the splash of backing vocal harmonies). This doesn’t for a moment feel like it ever requires more, though. The piano is beautifully layered and Frances’ voice is flawless and powerful, allowing two magnificent melodies glide smoothly across and along each other.

This simple approach makes for a tender emotional ballad, with a chorus that uses its emotional resonance and lyrical structure to push the track into a singalong tone. It stands ‘Grow’ in a good position to be used as an amazing set closer at shows, and also puts Frances in with a chance of winning over a lot of hearts. It’s no surprise Annie Mac has championed it!

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