Luke Cusato – ‘Bodies’

Pop-shaded acoustic melancholy

Luke Cusato's new acoustic single Bodies is highly emotionalA piercing acoustic stab at the heart from Luke Cusato on his latest single ‘Bodies’. It’s an example of the most beautiful kind of acoustic-led music: the type that understands the role of emotion in the style, but doesn’t milk it and make everything sound too dour.

As is, ‘Bodies’ is the right amount of emotionally charged while being wistfully reminiscent. It’s imbued with a sense of melancholy that is present in every sound but in just the correct dosage to not become a grind to endure. While the music is a bit down beat, the pop-shaded structure of the track guides your attention away from that feeling and into a trance.

While the music may grab you, hold you, and spin you into a trance, it’s Cusato’s vocals that deliver the emotional rollercoaster. While the lyrics aren’t that explicitly sad or negative, the vocal delivery slays. Heartfelt and hugely emotive, every syllable feels like a dagger carving Luke Cusato’s name into your heart. And as we all know, nothing is a better measurement of songwriting quality than emotional connection. When it comes to ‘Bodies’, you can’t help but be swept up and connected.

‘Bodies’ is released on November 2, ahead of Luke Cusato’s EP which will feature the track. You can listen below.


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