Frances – ‘Let It Out’

Frances finds her sound

artworks-000128251431-jzuf6b-t500x500For fans of: Rae Morris

Frances impressed us with her last single, ‘Grow’, and it’s subsequent remixes were pretty great too. Fully aware that she could fall victim to “second single syndrome” (a disappointing second single that is either not that good or doesnt live up to standards set by the first single), Frances has just dropped ‘Let It Out’ and we dared to listen.

Luckily, ‘Let It Out’ doesn’t try to emulate the sound and success of ‘Grow’. It sets itself apart as not being in such a typical ballad structure, with a more prominent beat and a load more pop appeal. It’s a more mature and well-rounded song, with a singalong post-chorus and a silky smooth melody.

Of course, Frances’ strongest musical element is her voice. Her voice is a good mix of tender and powerful here, with a ghostly emotion throughout. If there is one thing that is becoming apparent, it’s that you can expect a phenomenal vocal performance from Frances regardless of the track.

Frances has managed to produce a track with little in common with ‘Grow’, while not being so far removed that it sounds like a ridiculous leap. She’s finding her sound still, and it sounds like she’s found it here. There’s no threat of “second single syndrome” here.

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