Royal Tongues – ‘Chasing Down A Feeling’

Music beyond labels

avatars-000099614755-ahk59k-t500x500For fans of: Passion Pit

It’s hard to put a pinpoint on where, in the expansive map of indie-alternative, Royal Tongues’ latest track falls. ‘Chasing Down A Feeling’ is so rammed full of influences and sounds that it becomes difficult to assign it strongly to any particular one. You might just have to leave it tagged as ‘amazing’.

Interestingly, the genre-pinpointing doesn’t take away from any of the enjoyment of this track. You could spend the whole three minutes trying desperately to figure out what genre best describes it, but you enjoy every second regardless. There’s something upbeat, fun and almost inspirational about the music – something that rises above musical labelling. Because it doesn’t matter when the music is this good.

Sure, it opens like a typical indie song. But it evolves into something that incorporates a little bit of everything into itself. If the hallmark of a good artist is to be able to produce a sound that is enjoyable and uniquely yours, then Royal Tongues are an amazing duo.

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