FlashFires – ‘Shy’ Review

Shy single cover

Proving that they are a lot more than just a one-off flash in the pan, and proving that they can produce more than one good track, ‘Shy’ is an indie powerhouse with a springy layers of guitars and vocals that are just as bouncy.

If there’s one thing that FlashFires can always be praised for, it’s the vocalwork of Alex Gonzato. Aside from the fact that they are powerful and capable of producing some great harmonies, it’s very natural bouncy and this helps to make every track stand out. And let’s face it, at this stage it’s so refreshing to hear an indie singer that doesn’t dissolve their voice into a cauldron of echo.

Musically, this track is like a contemporary take on Britpop. Showing everyone that not all indie has to be full of melancholy, the instruments create an upbeat atmosphere that is as catchy as you could want from a song. Yet it manages to be so infectious without going for any blatant pop tactics: the chorus isn’t particularly simples, and the rhythm isn’t the type of simple and straightforward affair that it is in a lot of pop-focused track.

FlashFires have made something organically enjoyable and catchy, with a sound that brings to mind the likes of Gaz Coombes and Muse – though it’s hard to tell exactly where and why these comparisons are made. A fantastic follow-up to an amazing track, coming your way on March 30.

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