Goodbye Stranger – ‘Why Reduce Yourself’ Review


It’s becoming increasingly obvious that the best way for the indie music genre to survive into the future is to marry itself to another genre and reinvent itself. This marriage is generally to electronic, offering up the acceptable term ‘Indietronica’ and a load of great sounding artists and tracks.

Goodbye Stranger’s latest single ‘Why Reduce Yourself’ is no exception, and is a polished example of how to execute this genre flawlessly. With the echoey crystalline guitars that have always been such a strong indie staple shimmering around the edges of equally crystalline synths and solid drumbeats, Goodbye Stranger are onto something amazing here. Even beyond the music itself, the chorus vocals are acceptably repetitive and perfectly pop.

The beauty of the art in this track lies in the very subtle juxtaposition within the music. The electronic elements (which are the core of the track) generate a very artificial vibe to the track, while the heavy presence of the guitars and vocals that shimmer with emotion contrast this with a very natural feel. ‘Why Reduce Yourself’ offers humanity and soul with a mechanical heartbeat.

An amazing outing from the band, one which leaves us wanting and demanding so much more new material from the band.


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