FlashFires – ‘Circus Boy’ Review


If there’s anything that can save the whole indie/alternative scene from the swirly dirge of shoegazers stoning themselves into stereotypes, it’s FlashFires. ‘Circus Boy’ is brilliant in its combination of two indie/alternative stereotypes, creating something interestingly exciting in the process.

We’ve all heard the jangly indie lead guitars before, and we’ve all heard the crunch of overdriven guitars as they storm their way through alt-rock tracks. But together they become something a little bit more interesting, especially when they’re combined with trace elements of other genres and in a structure that would be right at home in punk-rock. ‘Circus Boy’ is a blur of genres that has as much appeal to the rock mainstream as it does to the niche enthusiast.

The vocals are trademark indie-rock, and they work magnificently over the intertwining Strokes-like crunchy tones and Smithsian jangle guitar centrepiece. The bass line and drums are both simple and effective, complimenting the rest of the track while also adding a driving force.

We love this track, and you probably will too. It’s hard not to. And it’s hard not to take a deep breath at the end and thank the musical lord that there is an oasis of hope in the shoegaze wasteland.

You can listen to the track here.

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