Lull – ‘Dead Or Alone’ EP Review


We’ve said it before and we’ll, inevitably, say it again: shoegaze is too commonplace in the current indie music scene. No matter where you turn, you get caught in the twisty haze of a drawn-out guitar and echoey vocals.
But every once in a while a band comes by with a sound that is very familiar, but also refreshingly new. Lull are the latest of these bands, offering up a brooding darkness that you can’t help but get caught up in.

From the opening distorted tones of title track ‘Dead or Alone’, it immediately conjures comparisons to Biffy Clyro’s debut album ‘Blackened Sky’. The vocals, however, bring the song closer to an early Foo Fighters sound with a very effortless vocal that stays close to the instruments in the mix. But this only adds to the angsty atmosphere of the track.

This angsty atmosphere spreads out across the whole EP, while still allowing each track to breathe in its own way. Second track ‘Break Hearts’, for example, has a much more drawn out sound while still embracing a grunge rock element in the chorus and in the latter half of the song, while ‘Bubble Tea’ is a more drum-fuelled track than the previous too.

All, however, are shades of a sound that is brooding with angst and anxiety, washed over with defiantly brilliant guitar tones. Give it a bit more of a polished sound, and Lull could definitely start making significant waves in the indie scene. Well, there’s always time for that on the next EP – and we’ll be waiting!


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