Video: In The Cards – ‘Sirens’

After seeing the band dominate at Lymelight 2014, I fell a little bit in love with In The Cards. Their brand of melodic metal flirting alt-rock went down a treat and blew me away, and since then I’ve been eagerly awaiting a reason to write about them.

Their music video for ‘Sirens’ is as good a reason as any. While the video itself is the standard staged performance of the song, I find that it’s a great setting for the song to present itself in a pure form and to keep people hooked based on its own strength as opposed to that of any visuals. It is, in simplest terms, a great break from visual gimmicks.

Particularly where none are needed. ‘Sirens’ is one of the tracks I remember hearing and being stunned by at Lymelight. In The Cards have an amazing instrumental section, but the vocals are mindblowingly powerful. This video captures that, and you can’t help but fall in the love with this band. They’re overflowing with potential and promise, and ‘Sirens’ shows that.

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