Kagoule – ‘It Knows It’ Review

Fuzzy rocksters Kagoule’s latest track ‘It Knows It’ is as insular and fuzzy as we expect from the band. Imagine if you took the best elements of the recent shoegaze revival and mixed it with The Smashing Pumpkins, and you’ll be close to this track.

It’s an unlikely track too, seeming to dispose of the tried and overused pop songwriting formula to stay true to the self-contained swirling scene the band are inspired by. There is no big, explosive chorus in this song that is designed for pop appeal. This is an audio experience that swells and shrinks over the course of the song, with a catchy chorus that stands out but doesn’t jump out of the mix. It draws attention based on its own merit, rather than a dynamic shift.

Kagoule are a band happy to do their own thing and not mindlessly follow the indie-alternative masses. And it’s working well for them so far, as ‘It Knows It’ is the band’s finest release to date.


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