Curb – ‘So High’ Review

‘So High’ is probably the most shoegaze-styled track we’ve heard in a while. It owes a lot of itself to the original shoegaze scene, and less to the nugaze revival that’s been happening in the UK for a little while now. Curb channel the spirits of the shoegaze greats, with an irresistibly simple and effective bass line.

Every aspect of the track fits gels perfectly with the rest: the reverb-touched vocals; the spaced out guitars; the solid bassline. It all comes together to make for a song with a steady rhythm and instrumental rises and falls, accompanied with vocals that push the song into a near-anthem zone that loans itself to festival slots.

If ever a band NEEDED to get itself to a festival, it would be Curb – just to play this song in the environment that it is screaming out for.


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