Parisian Youth Culture – ‘Basement’ Review

Parisian Youth Culture’s indie-rock sound has reached a new level on ‘Basement’, their latest track and second single release. It’s a slice of catchy guitar-led music done right, delivered as an unlikely anthem that you WILL be singing by the end.

Like Simon Neil fronting Two Door Cinema Club, this song has the makings of an indie hit with its aggressive-edged chorus vocals and smooth rhythm sections. It combines the hallmark elements of indie rock, but brings in enough of an alt-rock vibe to make it feel new and exciting. It’s a song that won’t set any new benchmarks in indie, but it won’t fall short of making a powerful impression.

The band waste no time either, opening immediately with the singalong chorus (accompanied by minimal instrumentation) that bursts out the speakers and immediately hooks you. From there it’s an exciting gradual build through well-delivered verses until you’re back where you began – except this time, there’s a lot more instrumental depth to follow.

You can listen to the track below. Have a listen and try to tell us that you don’t hit repeat as soon as it finishes. Go on, try.


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