Curb – ‘Communication’ Review

Where there is shoegaze, there is endless opportunities for a band to create a dreamy haze of swirly whirly (technical term) guitars that stretch beyond the usual pop boundaries of 3-4 minutes. Curb have created their own dreamhaze sonicscape with ‘Communication’, but how does it compare to the fantastic ‘So High’?

The two tracks are almost incomparable, both showing two completely different sides to the band. While both have the same irresistable bass line and shoegaze sound, the funky elements of ‘So High’ are absent here and it revels in its own vacuum of ‘gaze guitars. But as it stretches to just over seven minutes in duration, surely there’s only so much of this anyone can stand?

That would be true, if Curb hadn’t planned for that. While most of the song is the kind of hazy mid-tempo stuff that we expect from bands like them, with a main guitar riff that sounds like somebody listened to All Time Low’s ‘Therapy’ while a bit zoned, Curb pack in the explosive choruses and know when to bring them out for full impact. Throw in a guitar solo that rings of Britpop influences and an outro that swings from spaced-out reversed guitars to blistering ones, and there is no worry of anybody getting bored at what’s on offer here.

Curb have done it again, producing a track that begs to be played in a festival tent. The band are about two more of these tracks away from us starting a petition to get the band to Glastonbury 2015! Get on this track, because there are much worse ways to spend seven minutes of your life. You can listen below.


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