It’s the perfect gig environment – a mix of cocktails, music and a venue atmosphere that is a nice mix of classy and informal. Famous Italian liqueur brand DISARONNO last night announced a series of rooftop gigs taking place in the UK with a range of new talent, and we’re very excited about this!

The one-off series of rooftop parties, collectively know as DISARONNO Terrace, kick off on June 25 at Platform in East London with a special performance from up-and-coming act Nick Mulvey and a DJ set from The Maccabees to an intimate audience. From there, the series will enjoy a 4-week stay in East London before moving on to Manchester and Scotland.

The show on June 25 is one we’re particularly looking forward to, as featured artist Nick Mulvey is a phenomenal act and will be going on to the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury Festival just afterwards. And from our experience, shows on the run up to festival performances are always worth seeing.

DISARONNO Terrace has already established itself on an international level, with series’ previously in Milan, New York, Rome and more. But this is the first time that it will be appearing in the UK. And aside from the music on offer, there’s a lot more: artists/illustrators, cocktail classes/tasting and much more. It’s definitely a party for everyone!

For a taster of Nick Mulvey, the video for his track ‘Juramidam’ is here.

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