Video: Nick Mulvey – ‘Juramidam’

Nick Mulvey’s ‘Juramidam’ is a beautiful piece of acoustic songwriting that blows us away every time. The opening guitar harmonics are enjoyably interesting, finding a lovely middleground between gently relaxing and tense. Fans of Ben Howard, Ed Sheeran or any modern acoustic act will have a lot of love for this track, and Mulvey in general.

The song is best suited for listening outdoors, on a gloriously sunny afternoon. But if you’re afraid of outdoors or the sun never shines (here’s looking at you, Britain), the video is below. The video is simple enough, consisting of various shots of Mulvey performing the track in the sunny scenic outdoors. Why venture outside?

The video has since been removed/set to private, so instead here’s an acoustic rendition of the track Mulvey did for Crane TV. Enjoy!

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