Benin City – Wha Gwan Review

Every once in a while, a track comes my way which I find so difficult to write about that I take a good few days working at it. This can be for a number of reasons, but it is very rare that it is because the track is absolutely unique in its sound. But the new single from electro three-piece Benin City, ‘Wha Gwan’, is one of those rare tracks.

It is impossible to compare this track to anything else, in that it is so rich in elements of everything else that it become wholly unique. The only minor comparison that springs to mind is that the beginning notes resemble a choppier version of the beginning of ‘Call Me Maybe’ by Carly Rae Jepsen, but this is so fleeting it’s hardly worth mentioning.

Yet despite its experimental mixing of pop, rock, jazz, hip-hop and dubstep (among many others), due to its radio-friendly lyrics with instrumentation that flourishes with sparkling electronic melodies and uplifting brass hooks, this track is bound to be a success commercially. It’s very unusual for a track that freely floats between so many genres to also be so appealing and to sound so natural, but then again this is a very unusual track – in the best possible way. This track has such a broad appeal that it’s hard to imagine it being anything but a hit.

And there’s not a lot else to say about this track. It’s well-written, well-produced and so quirky and unique that it is incomparable to anything else. It’s a great track, one that I most certainly enjoy and am confident that you will too.

This track will be released via Audio Doughnuts on October 7.


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