Dive Exit – Diamonds Like Bricks Review

When I published my review of Dive Exit‘s debut album ‘Langar’ on Monday, I deliberately refrained from going into explicit detail of the track ‘Diamonds Like Bricks’ as I knew that it would be exactly what many would expect from me.

In the past, I’ve made no secret that the track is my favourite by the band and one of my favourite of all time. And because of this, I omitted it from the album review as I wanted to highlight the many other merits of the album itself. So here it is, separately: a review of the album version of ‘Diamonds Like Bricks’.

The track begins with a beautifully melodic guitar riff and a very simple rhythm section that reinforces the guitars and pushes them to the forefront of the listeners attention. The vocals arrive soon after, soft enough to float gently on the fragile soundscape.

The build in the first chorus is pulled off very well, allowing for a smooth and effective transition into the remainder of the song. However, I did find myself expecting a slight something more from it. As effective as it is, I couldn’t shake the feeling that the final vocal that leads into the next verse was lacking and should have sounded more explosive than it actually does. To me, that vocal is in need of some underlying angst to perfect the transition.

The remainder of the song, however, is flawless. The track continues to build up to the second chorus and both the vocals and instrumentation are delivered as well as can be hoped. And once the middle eight arrives and the overdriven guitar dances cheek to cheek with the rest of the instrumentation, it is hard to deny the magnificence of the track. From the faint sound of keys and underlying guitar solo to the chiming sound that accompanies the final chorus, the arrangement is nothing short of perfection.

Although I still maintain that the acoustic version recorded for Fresh Beats late last year is the most beautiful and transcendental rendition of the track, this version is a very close second and is better than expected. Check it out, it more than deserves it and it will not disappoint.

You can buy the track here.


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