Gentleman’s Dub Club – London Sunshine Review

Later this month, Gentleman’s Dub Club will release their debut album ‘FOURtyFOUR’. I, for one, can’t wait for it. And luckily for me, Gentleman’s Dub Club have released ‘London Sunshine’. And I’ve got to say, it leaves me excited for the rest of the album.

On ‘London Sunshine’, GDC have created something so rich in influences from the heyday of reggae that it truly captures the mood and reinvents the sound for a modern audience. This track is one of the best chillout tracks I’ve heard in a long time, in that it is completely relaxing and it will wash away all of your stresses and worries indefinitely.

There’s nothing too complicated about the track, and that simplicity makes it even better. This is good, traditional-styled reggae. Sure, there is more emphasis on bassline and the use of echo, but the heart and soul of the music still shine through. This is a track that wears its influences like a badge of pride and unashamedly shows them off.

This track is one of my favourites and one that highly recommend listening to quickly, before the weather turns. This track would have made the perfect addition to a summer soundtrack, so try to get in a few listens before summer leaves us.

You can purchase ‘London Sunshine’ here and the debut album ‘FOURtyFOUR’ here.


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