BK & DAD – Mundy Review

Image courtesy of Gravy Records
Explosive. Volcanic. Raw. These are the first three words that spring to mind when listening to ‘Mundy’, the debut single by musical powerhouse BK & DAD.

Those of you who are fans of God Damn and These Monsters will definitely find merit in the catastrophic soundscape that BK & DAD craft so well. From the incessant feedback of the intro to the final crunchy, powerful notes, ‘Mundy’ is a musical tour de force that will hit you hard and quickly envelop you.

Anybody who came looking for lyrics will find themselves disappointed, as BK & DAD is most certainly not a lyric band. But that’s not the point of ‘Mundy’: the track is all about the brute force and raw power of the instrumentation. This track is excitement in a musical form.

It’s hard to even attempt to put ‘Mundy’ in a genre. It very much feels like the bastard son of trance and doom metal, with fuzzy, sludgy instrumentation that will draw you to move and keep you entranced. And that’s the magic of ‘Mundy’; it’s very much a musical tar pit. It will catch you, keep you in place and only become stronger as time goes on.

A lot can also be said for ‘Train’, the B-Side to ‘Mundy’. ‘Train’ is very much the direct continuation for ‘Mundy’, and continues to demonstrate the entrancing and powerful music that BK & DAD are more than capable of producing.

Overall, this is a very good track and one that you can’t help but enjoy. Even those who come in search of lyrical content will find themselves unable to leave, as by the time you realise that there is few lyrics, you’re already hooked. It’s a powerful song and one that I highly recommend checking out.


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