Picks Of The Week 10

This is the final picks of the week feature and the final post of 2012. So to celebrate, this will be a best of the tracks selected so far. So this week there will be ten tracks, highlighting my personal favourites of all the tracks featured thus far.
Happy listening and happy new year!

1. The Word – Youth Man

Image courtesy of the band's facebook page.

Genre: Post-Punk; Hardcore; Alternative

Youth Man tend to produce hardcore punk music, brimming with uncontrollable energy and raw power. However, ‘The Word’ sees them exploring a (very) slightly gentler side of their sound. It is much more accessible than some of their other songs, but rocks just as hard and has just as much balls as any other songs. ‘The Word’ is a great introduction to a great underground act.

You can listen to the track and download their ‘Youth’ EP (featuring the track) here.

2. No Friend Of Mine – Club Smith

Courtesy of the band's facebook page.

Genre: Indie; Alternative

Club Smith are at their indie-alternative best with this. From the moment the track begins, there are striking familiarities with Franz Ferdinand and the vocals are undeniable similar to Josh Homme’s of Queens Of The Stone Age. The song is a hard-hitting, in-your-face indie anthem that will be in your head and on loop for a long time.

You can listen to the track here.

3. Soul Of Oceans – Emma’s Imagination

Courtesy of the musician's facebook page.

Genre: Acoustic; Pop

Soul Of Oceans‘ is an impressive slide guitar piece that definitely catches your attention and, in particular, makes Emma’s Imagination stand out from many of her peers. The song is by far one of the more rock-sounding ones in her musical repertoire and it is a welcome sound. Her perfectly delivered gentle and melodic vocals contrast the rough instrumentation, but this only makes the track more appealing.

You can buy the track here.

4. Rags And Riches – The Black Apples

Courtesy of the band's facebook page.

Genre: Rock ‘N’ Roll

Hard-hitting drums; muscular guitars; effective bass; powerful vocals. These are all characteristics of The Black Apples‘ sound, which seems perfectly calculated. Every nuance of sound seems to have a purpose; every beat is perfectly executed and timed. And on ‘Rags And Riches’, this is best demonstrated. The band produce an energetic and fun song that does what it needs to and nothing more: no extra sections are thrown in to waste time. Every second of the song is as effective and necessary as the last. And this is why both the song and the band definitely deserve listening to.

You can listen to the track here.

5. Holy Sober – Young Runaways

Courtesy of the band's facebook page.

Genre: Indie; Alternative; Folk-Rock

The Young Runaways are an excellent new band for those of you interested in folk-rock. They’re based in the midlands and they’ve released one EP (entitled ‘There Is A World Outside’) to date. This song is a brand new track, set for future release. Characterised by strong harmonies, melodic vocals and beautiful instrumentation, they are definitely worth checking out. ‘Holy Sober’ sums up everything that makes the band special.

You can listen to the track here.

6. Swings – Citylightz

Courtesy of the band's facebook page.

Genre: Pop-Rock; Urban; Funk-Rock

‘Swings’ is the definitive Citylightz track to date. Combining elements of rock, pop, urban and funk into one track without it sounding like a mess requires a certain amount of skill. And the boys of Citylightz most certainly have that skill. The verses of ‘Swings’ show the urban and funk-rock elements of the band, building to the pop-rock chorus that is incredibly catchy and will easily get stuck in your head.

Listen to the track here.

7. Fought In The Mirror – God Damn

Courtesy of the band's facebook page.

Genre: Rock; Metal; Post-Punk; Grunge

God Damn are a band that excel in creating heavy, borderline metal music that really hits you hard. Hailing from the midlands and having already been noticed by Kerrang! magazine, the band look set to create a stir in the rock world. Blending together metal, rock, blues and grunge into something that sounds new and exciting, God Damn are definitely one to look out for. ‘Fought In The Mirror’ shows God Damn at their finest, with dirty distorted guitars, screamed vocals and an undeniably catchy chorus.

You can listen to the track here.

8. The Ballad Of The Cowards – Chris Wallbank & The Cowards

Image courtesy of the band's facebook page.

Genre: Indie

A fantastic track by Chris Wallbank And The Cowards. With catchy lyrics and instrumentation that is directly borrowed from ‘Ghost Riders In The Sky’, this song easily works its way into your head and refuses to leave. This song has, in fact, been residing in my head for weeks now. And, when you listen, it will do the same to you. A thoroughly enjoyable listen.

You can listen to the track here.

9. West Virginia Chocolate Drop – Larry And His Flask

Image courtesy of the band's facebook page.

Genre: Rockabilly; Indie; Folk-Rock

Words could not describe my happiness upon learning about Larry And His Flask. Very little needs be said about them or this track. They are good old-fashioned rockabilly, but with elements of indie and a strong sense of melody. With a tight rhythm, a swinging rockabilly solo and a great melody, ‘West Virginia Chocolate Drop’ is a great track that definitely deserves a listen.

You can listen to the track here.

10. Live Today Die Tomorrow Redwire

Image courtesy of the band's website.

Genre: Alternative; Indie

Redwire are a band from Bradford that specialise in hard-hitting Indie rock. Their most recent single ‘Playing With Fire’ has only just come out, but ‘Live Today Die Tomorrow’ is a much stronger track in my opinion. Filled with strong rock riffs and vocals that sound almost exactly like Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys fame, this track shows Redwire at their hard-hitting best.

You can listen to the track here.

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