Picks Of The Week 9

This week we’ve got the best of the tracks I’ve heard during my reviewing over the past week. It’s a good range of stuff so, without further ado, here is the final picks of the week before Christmas!

1. Soul Of Oceans – Emma’s Imagination

Image courtesy of the musician's facebook page.

Genre: Acoustic; Pop

Soul Of Oceans‘ is an impressive slide guitar piece that definitely catches your attention and, in particular, makes Emma’s Imagination stand out from many of her peers. The song is by far one of the more rock-sounding ones in her musical repertoire and it is a welcome sound. Her perfectly delivered gentle and melodic vocals contrast the rough instrumentation, but this only makes the track more appealing.

You can buy the track here.

2. Meaning Of Life – The Whiskey Syndicate

Courtesy of the band's facebook page.

Genre: Rock ‘N’ Roll

When reviewing their ‘Stick Or Twisted‘ EP earlier this week, I made no secret of the fact that I thought this track was the finest on the EP and was an absolutely fantastic addition to the band’s repertoire. ‘Meaning of Life‘ shows The Whiskey Syndicate at their hard-hitting best: driving drums and a solid bass section provide the background to the raw vocals and screaming guitars that take the song forward. A fantastic track. Must listen.

You can buy the track here.

3. Young Defeatists – Club Smith

Courtesy of the band's facebook page.

Genre: Indie; Alternative

Young Defeatists‘ is a track that will immediately appeal to fans of Bloc Party. Club Smith‘s sound on this track is like Bloc Party at a gig, trying to get the audience worked up and full of energy. With it’s driving instrumentation, chanting vocals and sing-a-long lyrics, this song will force you to move and/or sing along. And it will be inhabiting your brain for days. Listen and enjoy!

You can listen to the track here.

4. Stranger In The Alps – The db Band

Image courtesy of the band's facebook page.

Genre: Indie; Alternative

The db Band are made up of former Supergrass member Mick Quinn, former Shake Appeal bassist Paul Wilson and drummer Nick Aspey. Together, the band perform music that ranges from the Britpop throwback to indie-alternative. ‘Stranger In The Alps’ is the latter; a song that combines the musical histories of both Quinn and Wilson into a four minute rock number that is bound to get you moving. Imagine Supergrass’ ‘Sun Hits The Sky‘ – just updated and with 50% more testosterone.

You can listen to the track here.

5. Wish U Enjoy New Year – Vennu Mallesh

Image courtesy of the musicians facebook page.

Genre: Electronic; Dance

Shockingly, this track was not chosen because of the fact that we interviewed Vennu Mallesh this week. It has simply been chosen because the song has still not left my head. Having been in my head now since it was first released, I believe that is enough reason to feature it. ‘Wish U Enjoy New Year‘ is worth a listen, so do so below.

You can listen to the track here.

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