Missing Andy – ‘It’s Over’ Track Review

Courtesy of the band's facebook page.

Essex-based Indie-ska outfit Missing Andy have just released an acoustic rendition of a new track, entitled ‘It’s Over’, on Youtube. And it is giving me high expectations for their next release.

The track is one that will not disappoint the fans they already have: it has the precise structure that we’ve all come to expect from the band and it, in its acoustic format, bears a striking similarity to ‘Sunshine‘ from their debut album ‘Generation Silenced‘. Overall, the song isn’t anything we haven’t heard before from the band.

But the track is still definitely worth a listen, due in no small part to the fantastic vocals of frontman Alex Greaves. Alex goes above and beyond and pours his heart and soul into every single syllable. It is this that makes the song so addictive to listen to: the intensely passionate vocals grip you and refuse to let go. By the time the song finishes, you will be dying to hear it all over again.

The band have announced that this track will feature on their upcoming double-album ‘Guerrilla Invasion’, along with another track which they will upload a video of soon. It’s too soon to tell whether or not all of the release will be of the same calibre as this one, but it certainly will keep us waiting with bated breath.

You can watch the video below.


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