Picks Of The Week 1

This week I’m introducing a new feature, entitled ‘Picks Of The Week’. This feature will be a list of the top five tracks by new or unsigned bands that I’m listening to this week. It will go live every Sunday and I will try to keep each week’s different from the one that came before.
This week, we have everything from some phenomenal indie to muscular rock ‘n’ roll to keep you entertained for a while.

1. Break The Chains – The Whiskey Syndicate

Courtesy of The Whiskey Syndicate's facebook page
Genre: Rock ‘N’ Roll

The Whiskey Syndicate are a four-piece band from the midlands that have just begun to catch a lot of people’s attention. Creating some great traditional rock ‘n’ roll with a few influences from Britpop and metal, the band excel at crafting songs that captivate the audience and get them moving. This track is their latest single from their debut album (entitled ‘The Right Side Of Crazy’) and showcases all the qualities that make the band stand out: a muscular rhythm section, commanding vocals, atmospheric guitars and instrumentation that builds throughout the song.

You can listen to the song here.

The Living Daylights – Chris Wallbank & The Cowards

Courtesy of The Chris Wallbank & The Cowards' facebook page
Genre: Indie

Chris Wallbank & The Cowards are a phenomenal indie outfit. Sounding like Oasis and containing elements of The Libertines and Kasabian, Wallbank creates a sparkling indie sound with melody and swagger. ‘The Living Daylights’ shows this superbly with its use of keys, powerful guitars and Oasis-like vocal delivery.

You can listen to the track here.

3. Northern Lights – The Bots

Courtesy of The Bots' facebook page

Genre: Post-punk; Punk; Hardcore; Experimental

The Bots are a band that are turning heads quickly. They’re an experimental punk duo from California consisting of brothers Mikaiah (19) and Anaiah (15) Lei that have released one album and two EP’s since 2009 and have toured with great acts such as Blur, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs and even Refused. ‘Northern Lights’ showcases the band doing what they do best: punk rock music that experiments with both song structure and instrumentation. Keep an eye on these boys: they’re set for big things.

You can listen to the track and also download it for free here.

4. Diamonds Like Bricks – Dive Exit

Courtesy of Dive Exit's facebook page.
Genre: Alternative Rock; Indie

Dive Exit are a midlands-based band that have a range of influences from Tom Petty to Foo Fighters. Generally, they produce rock music that is consistently hard and seems perfectly suited to a live scenario. With ‘Diamonds Like Bricks’, Dive Exit experiment with a slightly more tender sound to create a fantastic song that builds to a glorious crescendo. The song transforms from a plodding ballad-esque track to a lumbering rock dinosaur of a track that ends with some great vocal harmonies.

You can listen to the track here.

5. Ashes – Perfect Like Me

Courtesy of Perfect Like Me's facebook page
Genre: Rock; Metal; Punk-Pop

Perfect Like Me are a rock band from Denver that specialise in high-octane tracks that combine rock, pop-punk and metal into one sound that makes them stand out from many of their contemporaries. With influences ranging from Story Of The Year to Metallica and even Fall Out Boy, the band takes the best from these bands and create fantastic tracks that ooze energy. ‘Ashes’ is a track that shows the band’s Fall Out Boy influence clearly, as well as their ability to flick seamlessly between pop-punk and borderline metal in a single track.

You can listen to the track here.

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