Cave Painting – Live Review 21/10/12

When Gaz Coombes brought his tour to Birmingham on the 21st October 2012, nobody knew what to expect from him or the support act. Neither the tickets nor tour posters even mentioned a support act.

Cave Painting are a five-piece indie band from Brighton, whose sound can only be described as ethereal. It is incredibly difficult to pigeon-hole their sound. They’re indie; they’re pop; they’re shoegaze; they’re slightly electronic. There’s a lot of words you could use to describe them, but one undeniable one is massive. Their sound is huge and, in this instance, much too large for the size venue they are playing.

The only criticism for this band is that their live show is underwhelming. With such a huge swelling sound, the least you expect is a good live show. But instead the band remain static on stage, with the singer leaning lazily on the mic stand and occasionally banging a drum at the front of the stage.

As an opening act, or possibly even a headline act in a venue of this size, the band are perfectly suited. But in order for them to progress the way they should, they need to work on their live show.

This band is well worth a listen. As for seeing them live…give it time.

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