Review// Sigrid – Raw EP (full)

Sigrid extends latest EP with two new tracks – but how do they measure up?

Sigrid Raw EP review | Raw EP listen | Raw EP July 2018

It’s not very common practice for an artist to drop an EP and then, a few months later, revise it with two additional tracks. Then again, Sigrid has proven she likes to do things her own way by now.

Solving the mystery of why two song titles were scratched out of the previous version of the Raw EP‘s artwork, Sigrid has finally shared the missing tracks with the world in time for the weekend. In fitting with the release’s theme of introspection and flow of pop-ballad-pop, the two new tracks once again show the duality of Sigrid’s style.

The EP’s fourth track, a demo of a song entitled Focus, is a piano track that captures a sombre, introspective Sigrid lamenting an inability to move on after a past relationship. Unsurprisingly, Sigrid’s vocals make it a melodic gem that stands out as a unique entry in her catalogue. Musically, it’s not as striking as some of her other offerings, but it stands out as a new style for the typically energetic popstar.

Schedules, the EP’s new closing track, picks up the pace again and leaves the release on an end. In our initial review, we noted that opening number Raw was arguably Sigrid’s greatest pop moment to date, but Schedules now gives it a run for its money. Partnering Sigrid’s playful, climbing vocal melodies with an indie-esque instrument line, it’s a perfect way to bookend the latest release and showcase how Sigrid’s pop formula can still be freshly applied to new sounds.

Sigrid has accomplished a lot in a short period of time and continues to do things on her own terms. The Raw EP has become almost a living work of art, evolving over time and continuing to add layers of sentiment to its overarching statement: Sigrid will do what she wants, and she’ll be damn successful doing it.

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