Listen// A glam glance into the pop factory

Living art installation and ARGtist Poppy modernises Gary Numan’s Metal.


Irrespective of the controversy surrounding her and her collaborator, there’s little denying that Poppy, AKA That Poppy, is a fascinating multimedia art experiment. Equal parts alternate reality game (ARG) and art statement, Poppy as both a person and project has captivated audiences with its mystery and intricacies.

Playing into the ARGtist’s grand narrative now is Metal, a cover of the 1979 Gary Numan song. However, referring to it as a cover doesn’t really feel like it does it justice. The team behind the Poppy project has paid great attention to detail in recreating the instrumentation for a modern audience, leaving it with a 70s-throwback glam-rock-meets-pop feel to it.

Alongside this, Poppy’s vocals perfectly play into the robot manufacturing aesthetic of the track, making this indistinguishable from a Poppy original in many ways.

Regardless of the issues surrounding the artist at the moment or your thoughts on the project as a whole, Metal stands as a solid cover that does justice to the original. If you do one thing today, plug it in and turn it on.

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