Video// Useless Cities soundtrack separation

Outfit finds a perfect home for its sound in the visuals of turbulent love.


Turbulent relationships are a goldmine for creatives. Whether it’s a painting born of heartache or a song focussed on reconciliation, art thrives on the highs and lows of love.

For Useless Cities, this rise and fall of love is the subject of new music video A Little Too Obtuse. Showing a cross-section of three relationships spanning early lust, romantic love, bitter separation and sorrowful reconciliation, the music video is a microcosm of modern love. But what makes it really notable is its soundtrack.

Useless Cities isn’t a band like many others. Whereas most bands will make their lyrics tell the story, Useless Cities subvert expectation by being predominately musically-led. The vocals, which admittedly are something of an acquired taste, simply add to the foreboding sense of emotional tension that the song captures.

Really, it’s a dark, alternative stomper that would be perfectly suited to setting scenes in a hollywood film – but the music video is a good starting point.

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