Listen// Quinn Soular is soundtracking your summer

Pop meets reggae in one of summer’s freshest sounds.


For the last few years, the idea of the summer soundtrack has pretty exclusively been reserved for either electronically enhanced pop tracks with EDM aspects, or late night R&B tracks as something of a curveball. 2018 might just be the year that things change though. Quinn Soular has outdone himself on his latest offering Ovah and Ovah, a reggae-pop anthem with Ziggi Recado.

Built on a traditional reggae guitar rhythm with flourishes of electro synth fizzles and pop structures, the track is an amalgamation of the finer points of several genres. Recado’s vocals bring a naturally reggae vibe to the song, while Soular excels at bringing the R&B emotion with his velvet smooth vocals. It’s a feelgood, carefree banger set to win hearts this summer, so you may as well embrace it below.

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