Listen// Esther & Fatou take on summer

Folk-pop duo wants to be the soundtrack to your summer evenings.


Not content with their debut single kicking up a storm in winter last year, Belgian duo Esther & Fatou have set their sights on dominating summer with new single Home. And who can blame them? It’s a captivating and dreamy folk-pop track, perfectly tuned-in for long upcoming summer evenings.

Introduced by galloping percussion and a beguiling piano pattern, Home soon bursts into an addictive chorus replete with trademark rootsy instrumentation and symphonic production, without losing focus on the chemistry between each half of the duo. This is the key tenant to their sound, the hauntingly beautiful harmonies and the way their pin-point vocals play off of one another.

“Home recounts a response to a confrontational situation,” Esther & Fatou explain. “In a state of complete disbelief, we are trying to escape the things we can’t handle. There’s nowhere to process, there’s only the road. Searching for some peace of mind.”

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