Listen// Positive vibes from Sabina Ddumba

Ugandan/Swedish artist spreads love in a loveless world.


Setting positive messages against a negative backdrop is the aesthetic of many modern pop artists, which is pretty reflective of the times we live in. Sabina Ddumba is the latest artist to take on the task of spreading love in a world filled with hate, with new single Small World.

Bouncing along with a very Years & Years style vibe, the track catches Sabina on top form with a stellar vocal performance and infectious instrumentation. Clap tracks and triumphant drum rhythms underpin a track that prides itself on its rhythmic prowess, almost boiling the entire song down to a rhythm section and Sabina’s powerful, melodic vocals.

Fun fact:
if you think Sabina’s vocals sound similar, you’re probably right. She did the opening vocals on Katy Perry’s 2013 track Walking On Air. Now, that’s one strong debut performance!

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